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I didnt want to upset you and send this as an email

So yes, I'm still intoxicated but I wanted to write you tonight to finish and correct what I started saying when I was leaving. I'm not sorry; for once. I'm not sorry that I value sleep and my job. I'm not sorry that I'm conscious of how much money I spend at the bar and that I don't supplement it with getting high or whatever other drugs people are doing on fucking Monday nights! I'm not sorry that I am not an alcoholic and that two drinks will get me feelin pretty good. I'm not sorry to leave so that I don't get tempted to smoke cigarettes. I'm not sorry that I'm not getting high on set break. And you are all amazing musicians but I'm not sorry when I leave early for MGM because Hippo is a real band with their own songs that I will stay all night to watch and support. I love you, Joseph, in any case, and I know you love me too, for who I am. I just wanted you to know what I was thinking.
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