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heaving drinking and bananas

Good Morning! So after some beers and such at the show last night I got back to my boyfriend's house around 3a I would assume and passed out. I believe I drank the following:
2 Miller Lite bottles 192 cals
1 plastic cup Blue Moon (one bottle is 171cals)
I had some sips/gulps of other people's drinks too though so I'm probably looking at more like 375 additional calories. Oh well, I think that would still only total me around 700 for yesterday.

Anyhow, today I helped my boyfriend with two large bites of chocolate chip muffin from the coffee shop plus a latte (about 100cals) and a banana (100cals) so I could venture a good 300cals so far today. Now I'm just chillin back at home before I go to my first yoga class tonight at 6p. Since my boyfriend is out of town now I think I might just splurge and grab a Rice Dream and watch a movie tonight.

Have a good day, everyone.

All right. Dinner @ 5:30p:
1/2c garbanzo beans 110 cals
1/2tsp butter 8cals
~1/3c frozen spinach 25cals
1/2tsb butter 8cals

Yay, only 151 cals for dinner! But add that to the 200-300 I've already had today and we're lookin at most likely 450cals for the day; yikes! Oh well, off to yoga.
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