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It’s all about starvation. Pop stars don’t eat.

12:30 - "breakfast":
6.5oz homemade fruit salad
2oz cheese 162 cals

woke up at 9a again and had some water and lots of coffee (with creamer)

around 6:30-6:45
5.5oz homemade mixed greens salad with radishes, yellow pepper and carrots 25 cals (I had some dressing too but whatever, I didn't measure it out)
8oz soy milk 100cals

woohoo, only 287 today! So we'll say about 300 again to count for creamer and dressing. I just stepped on the scale at my friend's house and it said 129.2 - I'm normally 134!!! Two days of not eating really does the trick! If I can get down to 125 and stay there I'll be happy.

Oh, also walked and biked today.
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